Jonas Catamaran has been designing and building sailing catamarans since 1993. Jonas´s father started building wooden monohull cabin trailer sailers in 1974. Early technologies used plywood panels on wooden frames, wooden strip planking, and later combination of panels and cold molded plywood.

Recent projects have used glass or carbon, vinylester or epoxy foam sandwich vacuum bagged into female molds. Ageless plywood is still used for some projects.

Each catamaran is designed in compliance with customer´s needs, it could be more less racer or cruiser. The female molded hulls can be built from various materials, with varying interior layouts. The crossbeams and rig can be built in aluminum or carbon. If there are special requirements, Jonas Catamaran can design and build a one off catamaran.

All boats can be finished to any stage of completion up to ready to sail.

Jonas Catamaran can provide building plans for wooden catamarans.

Almost all of the catamarans have been designed to allow easy road transport on a trailer behind a mid-size car.

Special trailers can be built for transport anywhere by road. Catamarans can be delivered worldwide.
pf 2022
PF 2022

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